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Arizona Rally Group

2017 Tucson RallyCross Registration

General Event Costs
Online Pre-registraion for SCCA Members is $45. ($55 for non members)
On-Site Registration (Cash only) for SCCA Members is $55. ($65 for non members)
Please review the Supplemental Rules as well as the SCCA Rulebook.

Closed, Event Final


Closed, Event Final

Closed, Event Final

TRX#4 September 16, 2017 
Closed, Event Final

TRX#5 October 14, 2017 
Closed, Event Final

TRX#6 November 11, 2017
Closed, Event Final

AZRG Driver School
Closed, Event Final
Entry cost is $65.00
Despite the price being higher than a typical event you are receiving more in car time and will be working with an instructor. 
More seat time with a faster driver being able to help give you pointers = a better driver.
Whether this is your first event or you have a few years of experience formal instruction and seat time always helps.
Note. Due to the nature of the event there will not be an on site registration. Students must be paired with instructors. (If you have a preference please let us know)

General Event Format (subject to changes)
Early Morning - Basic car control with a focus on an individual feature or type of turn. Students will concentrate on each feature for up to 30 minutes before moving to the next.

Early Afternoon - The course will be connected using the features student just practiced on and mastered. Then students get to apply and AM instruction and get some full lap experience. 

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